Who am I?

There Are Infinite Versions Of You

We all have this idea of who we are, but what if it's just that, an ‘idea’?

All we can really do is be ourselves in any situation. But that doesn’t guarantee everyone is going to see us the way we wish to be perceived. While some may like your style, your attitude, and the way you present yourself, others may despise it. Everyone perceives the world differently and thus has different views; one of the most beautiful truths of life. However, that also means that no two people alike will view you the same way. Your mum and dad, friends, coworkers - even people you pass by on the street, all see you in a unique light. And so, in this way there are infinite possibilities of you. The idea you have of yourself will never match someone else's idea of you.

The Japanese say you have three faces. The first, you show to the world. The second, to your close friends and family. The third, is only known internally. Within the first two faces are endless faces that you have no control over the way you will be seen. Trying to control this truth will only bring you suffering. The people you encounter when you are out in public will take a look at you and will take in your; manner, clothing, facial expressions, and any other point of interest and with that information they will create a character and a story, too. Without ever actually speaking a word to you, they have just created another version of you. This is the same for every encounter you have: to being drunk at the bar talking conspiracies to some random, walking down the street and being rowdy with your crew, losing your cool and flipping off the person who just cut you off in traffic, to opening up your heart and becoming vulnerable to the people you love. Everyone that you come across in your life creates a 'new' you. Some vastly different, while others will be similar. But never the same.

With all that being said, does that make the third face just as phoney? Are we really the ‘idea’ we have of ourselves, or are we just taking into account all our life occurrences and building a story based upon the foundations for our body? if we cannot dictate the way strangers view us, or even the way our loved ones see us, who are we really? If nobody can see us for what we think we are, can we even see ourselves for what we really are?