Importance of Meditation

It’s been 3 1/2 years since the first time I sat just to collect myself. That moment changed my life forever and created an awakening within me, but that’s a story for another day. Today I just want to talk about how important it is to simply just sit for the sake of sitting. 

There is no end game to meditation, you are not working towards any goal, it is just to be in the present moment. To sit and observe the workings of your consciousness, you are simply becoming a watcher of your mind. Everybody should just take the time out of their day to slow down and take time to do a brain workout. Whether you do it in the morning, before bed, sitting at your desk, walking down the street, the timing makes no difference, but we should all make the time. “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday - unless you are too busy; then you should sit for an hour” that’s a quote from Sukhraj S. Dhilion that speaks such truth. Everybody says they have too much to be doing and the important components to a happy life fall by the waist side. Twenty minutes of your day will make the other 23 hours and 40 minutes, moments of clarity. I also hear so often people saying "I don't have the ability to meditate." It is a very simple practice and we all possess the ability and can all reap in the benefits. 

The benefits of meditation are exponential; awareness increases, start pursuing a more healthy lifestyle (turned me vegetarian and away from fast foods), improves self love, reduces stress, improves your immune system, but most importantly it puts you on the path towards happiness and contentment. All of these benefits obviously take their time to come into fruition, you just have to be patient and meditation will teach you how. You will see a change in your perception and view of the world. You’ll begin to feel more of a connection to the surrounding world and your empathy towards its inhabitants will grow. (website I used for reference) 

To practice meditation is very simple. you just get into a position which ever you find most comfortable (the most common is legs crossed, and a straight posture), close your eyes, focus your attention on your breath and just watch your thoughts as they flow in and out of your mind. Your mind will run very fast thinking of anything it can, it’s not use to being not used, so it will throw anything at you to get your attention. You’ll have your normal thoughts ‘what should I do for lunch today?’ ‘did I remember to send that email?’ and you’ll have your obscure ones ‘what are my pets doing while I’m gone?’ ‘I should buy a boat’. These are very normal, but the practice is just to simply observe them, let them go out as quick as they come in. If you double down on the thought and add to it, meditation is lost. What you’re working towards is a still and quiet mind. Don'f forget  to smile as you meditate, helps to bring a permanent one to your everyday

You don’t necessarily have to meditate for 20 minutes to begin with. You can start with a simple 1 minute breathing exercise and do that a couple times a day and work your way up. if you find you’re struggling to keep focused, you could try out the app ‘Headspace’ that is filled with amazing guided meditations and can set you up with a schedule that best suits you. You could also do a search for some meditations classes that are in your area if you’d like a more social experience and meet some like minded individuals and a loving and supportive community. There are so many ways to go about meditation and many ways to experience it. It’s all about what the best fit would be for you to be able to reach your best quality life.  

Meditations is so powerful and can often be looked over as a waste of time or eastern mysticism. If you just simply give it a try you will be astonished by the way your life will begin to change, coherence will flow through your day to day in your decision making, social situations and ability to handle tasks. You will begin to meditate where ever you may be by bringing awareness to your breath and your mind will clear up and allow you to become rational. 

I am no expert on the topic, I am completely self taught through reading and my own practice, but I am a 100% confident in the impact it will have on your life. I urge you to continue researching. My techniques are based off the 'samadhi' which is the buddhist meditation technique. There are hundreds of different types of meditation, explore what you find suits you best and allows you to get the most enjoyment out of this beautiful journey we call life.