The trip around Australia means to me an escape from societal pressures. I lived in the inner city of Melbourne for two years, I was looking to reinvent myself from the person I had become in my home town. The first year was new and exciting and learning so much, then everything slowed down and I started to see the city in a new light. My mind felt so polluted, it was like watching the rat race on the grand stand. Noise of helicopters, trams, buses and traffic jams 24/7 I could never find silence, not even in the solace of my bedroom.  

The world is in a state of despair right now, the cotton wool is well and truly over the eyes. The left believe the right can't see and the right believe the left can't see, why can't we all see that we all see differently? The beautiful thing about life is that we all perceive it in our minds based on our experiences. No one person has the answer or the right way, we are all just learning to understand what life actually means.

We may believe each one of us has the answer, but that is naive




I think we all come to across roads in our lives where the universe will send you a sign that its time to wake up to yourself. My sign came in the shape of a psychotic break down. I was living a life with no ambition and i was hiding from my emotions and self medicating. My first meditation changed my life, i could no longer hide from myself. The self medication would only make the voices louder and would amplify my anxiety instead of calming. It took a year of my life to come to terms with what was happening in my mind. A lot of people abandoned me and i felt extremely isolated and I was doing everything in my power to keep positive thinking rolling, the environment I had myself in was the killer. i made the decision to move to Melbourne and start fresh, that was a great experience, but I still needed more

So I'm jumping in Lucy to discover myself, learn our beautiful landscape and meet beautiful like minded people. This has been a dream of mine since I was 16 and had my first Byron Bay experience (cliche) that place is magical, care free and free loving. My spirit has always had this connection to nature that I just need to explore, its like the trees need to drop their leaves in autumn, I can't ignore it. I believe thats why Melbourne wasn't a great success, the concrete jungle will never compare to the natural jungle. 




My purpose is a wide spectrum that I wish to explore all open doors. I don't believe we have one core purpose on this planet, but many of paths we walk down and pave our way to find our direction. We all play a role in this universe, but each role is as equally important. it's like the butterfly effect, having the time to talk to somebody and give them a boost of confidence could lead to that person creating something that may benefit all of humanity.  

You're purpose is not defined by your career. I believe my purpose is to explore the depths of this earth and discovering myself, helping as many people as I can and having a positive impact on the world. I don't wish to have success in the mainstream way where my status is valued on what possessions I own and how much space I have to walk around my home and how quick my car can get me to another traffic jam. Our purpose goes far deeper than those commercial objectives, it's just what we have been conditioned to believe. 

I will have achieved my purpose if I die smiling   





I have a very strong passion for our environment. It makes my heart ache about the neglect we show the very thing that allows us to live and breathe. We take it for granted so much that we would rather pollute the air we breathe just so the fat cats can get richer. So many people have the same mind set of 'I'm only one person, taking the necessary actions is to much of an inconvenience on my lifestyle' That's such bullshit, if we all team up and work towards a greener future like the scientists are screaming at us to be doing, who knows what amazing things our future generations will come up with.   

Mother Earth is our home. Our Sanctuary. Our Haven. We must immerse ourselves in her loving self and respect her. 


My head has been clouded and distorted for as long as I can remember. I have things within side myself that I know hold me back from becoming the best possible person version of myself. Deep seeded emotions that I have chosen to neglect for years that are proving to be quite hard to tap into. This trip I really want to dive into my being, break down the walls I have built for myself and show the world and it's inhabitants the love it all deserves.